How to Ruin Your life by Eric Geiger is one of the best books I have read in 2019.  Geiger works his way through one of the darkest parts of the life of the biblical King David.  He demonstrates how even the “man after God’s own heart” could allow isolation, boredom, and pride lead to the implosion of his life.  Geiger strikes close to home for many ministers and leaders, who often find themselves isolated in the world.

After warning of the dangers that led to David’s precipitous fall, Geiger examines how Nathan’s willingness to confront the king led to David’s repentance and confession and the celebration of God’s forgiveness.  Even though David was restored after his fall, he still had to deal with the consequences of his sin.  Still, the scriptures that Geiger uses in this journey through the life of the monarch inspires the readers to great hope in the Lord.

If you are a leader I would encourage you to read this book.  If you feel isolated or alone, I would encourage you to read this book.  If you are someone who has fallen, you should read this book. Pick up a copy and share it with a friend.