One of my mentors, Dr. David Allen  has been known to quip, “A mist in the pulpit creates a fog in the pew.”  In other words, if a pastor doesn’t know what he is teaching, then his people certainly will not understand it.  I have endured many sermons (and admittedly  preached quite a few) where it was painfully obvious the preacher did not have a full grasp on the subject he presented to the audience.  For this reason preachers must be diligent to determine the central idea of the text that they are preaching.  Once they have this idea down they are able to pass what Dr. Bryan Chappell calls the 3 a.m. test.

“If your spouse or roommate were to roll you out of bed at 3 A.M. and ask, “What is the sermon about this Sunday morning?” if you cannot answer in one crisp sentence, the sermon’s not ready to preach.

Preachers, I challenge you, as well as myself, to not ever preach a sermon when it won’t pass the 3 a.m. test.

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