• A Bible
  • Index Cards
  • Pen or Pencil
  • A Plan
  • 3×5 Recipe Box or Binder Rings
  • 7 Tab dividers

The Process

Gather the materials you need. First, select a good Bible translation. My personal preference is the Christian Standard Bible. I have found it to be a great blend of readability and accuracy. Whatever version you choose, make sure it is a version that is easy for you to read and comprehend. Next, you will need a plan for choosing your memory verses. These can come from a plethora of places. You will find them in most Sunday School materials, a devotional, a list like the one our church is currently using, or from your personal Bible reading. Once you have your plan in place, you will need a strategy to retain the verses you are memorizing. Here the 3×5 recipe box and tabs or binder rings will serve you well. 

On the day you begin, write the verse or verses you have selected on your index card. Be careful to copy it word for word, paying particular attention to punctuation. Recite the verse several times out loud. On day two, review the passage again, this time striving to repeat as much as you can from memory before consulting the index cards. For the following week, review the verse daily. I try to say it out loud, which appeals to both my sense of hearing and sight when I check myself. I encourage you to enlist a partner to help you. This partner might try to memorize the verse as well, or they might be someone who will hold your index card and check the accuracy of your memory. You may also practice writing out on another sheet of paper from memory. However you review, try to make it fun.

Once you have memorized the verse for the week, you need a strategy for retaining it. A helpful procedure involves making a chart with seven columns, one for each day of the week. Once you memorize a verse, assign it to a particular day. For example, if I have memorized Psalm 119:11, once that week is complete, I assign it to Monday. On Monday, I will select a new verse, let’s say John 3:16-17. I will work on memorizing the new verse while reviewing Monday’s review list that contains Psalm 119:11. After week two, assign John 3:16-17 to Tuesday and select a new verse of the week, let’s say Romans 3:10. On Monday, review the verses for that day and the new verse. On Tuesday, one will review Tuesday’s verse along with the verse of the week. Continue this until you have memorized seven verses and start the process over. The logic for this review process is that your verses stored up in your heart can be retained without having to review all of them on the same day. This is not difficult at first but will be more difficult as more verses accumulate. This is where the index card box or the binder clips can be helpful. For the rings, attach the Monday verses to the Monday ring and follow suit with the subsequent days. The index card box with seven tab dividers, one for each day of the week, is an excellent tool as well. 

That’s it. It’s just that simple. Let me conclude by encouraging you not to allow self-doubt or discouragement to prevent you from being able to treasure God’s Word in your heart. And remember, with God, “all things are possible” Matthew 19:26.

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